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Safety Speakers

Every so often you run into people who are able to leave a big impact on your life. During Eric's travels delivering his message The Buried Truth Uncovered, Eric has had the great opportunity of meeting several people who have left an impact on him by sharing their stories of survival or triumph. Eric has handpicked the following speakers in hopes that their amazing stories may impact you and your employees as much as they did him.

Safety Awareness Solutions offers the following safety speakers:


Brad Livingston — “Just a Second Ago

In his presentation, Brad explains about each of these contributing factors - Pride; Shortcuts; Attitude; Complacency, and how they have affected every day of the rest of his life, and, quite unfortunately, many other lives. These factors exist in EVERY line of work, in EVERY type of business, so it’s not the explosions that Brad addresses as much as it is the contributing factors. Brad makes it clear why you cannot allow them to be a part of your workplace.



Gary Norland — “12.5 and Still Alive

Gary Norland's motivational safety presentation is for everyone from the corporate office to the factory floor. Working as an industrial electrician, Gary learned firsthand how devastating a life changing event can be when he survived a 12,500 volt electrical accident. His story, "12.5 and Still Alive" helps change attitudes about safety and save others the pain of his mistakes. He tells the truth about safety in the work place and the far reaching ripple effect it has on family, friends, coworkers, and the community you live in. 



Kayla Rath — “The Ripple Effect​

Kayla Rath was nine years old when her father, Brad Livingston, was involved in two back-to-back workplace explosions. For three months, Kayla and her two sisters lived with family members while their mother sat with Brad as he fought to stay alive in a Texas hospital. The family then moved to a city over 600 miles away from home to be with their dad as he went through his months of rehabilitation.



Lee Shelby — “Triumph Over Tragedy​

Lee Shelby is considered to be one of the most outstanding Motivational Safety Speakers today. Lee is a unique individual who can captivate an audience immediately. He is a motivator, a storyteller, a humorist, an author, a private pilot. Most of all, an inspiration to us all.Lee has presented to thousands of employees at all levels across a multitude of industries.



Maurice "Termite" Watkins — “Keep Your Guard Up”

Maurice "Termite" Watkins always loved a good fight. At ten years of age and a scrawny 65 pounds, he already knew what he wanted – to be a champion. With very little natural athletic ability, he reached his goals through sheer determination and perseverance. At age sixteen, Termite became the nation's youngest national Golden Gloves champion. He was an astounding amateur, with 128 wins and only 10 losses.


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