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Kayla Rath

Kayla Rath — “The Ripple Effect”

Kayla Rath was nine years old when her father, Brad Livingston, was involved in two back-to-back workplace explosions. For three months, Kayla and her two sisters lived with family members while their mother sat with Brad as he fought to stay alive in a Texas hospital. The family then moved to a city over 600 miles away from home to be with their dad as he went through his months of rehabilitation.

You go to work every day expecting to come home to your family at night. But what if you don’t? What if you take shortcuts? What if you let pride and complacency get in the way of you safely doing your job? You could be hurt or killed, and then what happens to your family? The people you love most; what impact do your decisions have on them?

Kayla Rath travels the country telling her story about the 100% preventable, work place accident that her father was involved in that changed the course of her family. From the early days after the explosions, to the effect it still has on her 23 years later, Kayla speaks to the heartache and ultimately healing, that came from an unsafe act in the workplace.


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