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Brad Livingston

Brad Livingston — “Just a Second Ago”

Back-to-back explosions! 100% preventable! “I didn’t think anything like this could ever happen to me! How long before I die?”

In his presentation, Brad explains about each of these contributing factors - Pride; Shortcuts; Attitude; Complacency, and how they have affected every day of the rest of his life, and, quite unfortunately, many other lives. These factors exist in EVERY line of work, in EVERY type of business, so it’s not the explosions that Brad addresses as much as it is the contributing factors. Brad makes it clear why you cannot allow them to be a part of your workplace.

The ‘Ripple Effect’ – Brad has a unique way of making the audience think about how their family would handle it if they were the one seriously injured, or killed. He makes them realize how far, how fast, and how deep that ripple effect goes. When he finishes talking about a 'True Life' paper his youngest daughter had to write in high school, and he continues on about a discussion he had with his middle daughter 6 years after the explosions, in which she said to him, "Dad, was I not important enough to you …..", the audience will be thinking beyond themselves, many of them for the first time.

Brad's desire and passion is to speak to every employee of every company BEFORE they are injured, or killed! He makes a massive contribution to the changing, or strengthening, of the safety culture for the companies he speaks for, getting the attention of every listener, from a new-hire to the 30 year veteran. The feedback he receives is proof of this. Brad’s just another regular guy, asking - “Do you think it can’t happen to you?”​


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