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Kina Hart

Kina Hart — “Hart 2 Heart Safety”

Kina's message is about encouraging workplace safety responsibility.  The day that changed her forever started like any other day.  She didn't plan or expect an accident.  Now, Kina uses her workplace injury to motivate and teach.

Kina has a significant and unique opportunity to educate employees and workers on the importance of building a safety consciousness.  She is dedicated to reducing occupational injuries by raising awareness about workplace hazards.

But just knowing about safety isn't enough.  Kina can help your company by speaking about workplace safety from her perspective, which creates an impactful and inspiring message.

Kina's Safety Presentations:

  • Grab attention and make a lasting impression on staff

  • Change lives and help reduce occupational injuries

  • Inspire and motivate audiences to make safe choices

  • Show audiences how to turn adversity into success


Learn About Kina and Her Story

Kina's fight for survival began when she found herself caught in a moving conveyor belt.  The fact that Kina is alive today to tell her story is a living testament to her strong determination and fantastic attitude.

Although she had lost her arm due to her accident, she didn't lose her incredible zest for life.  Kina leads a very productive and fulfilling life, with an attitude that keeps her thriving in her world without limits.

The Program: It's Your Safety, Don't Give It Away

Experience personalized safety through Kina's story about the tragic loss of her left arm.  Kina will speak about how a lack of knowledge and lack of training contributed to the day that forever changed her life.

She advocates that you are your last line of defense.  Kina encourages active participation in safety.  She also covers the effects injuries have on friends, family and co-workers.

With witty wisdom, Kina will impart a message you can reflect on and share - a message that shows you how to be present, aware, and safe.


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