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Safety Videos

Let Eric’s Safety Videos Leave an Impact on Your Employees

Show The Buried Truth Uncovered and Uncovering Eric to enhance your current safety program.

Testimonial for The Buried Truth Uncovered

I was going to put the video on and walk away for 30 minutes, because it was mandatory that everyone in the Company watch it. I could have just set it on my desk and turned it back in a few hours later. Or better yet I could have just signed it out and signed it back in without ever taking the video. There was no one watching, no one would know. Everyone had already told me about the video, so I could bluff my way through any questions from my supervisor. But all of that seemed slightly dishonest, so I made the decision to at least take the video and have it run in my computer. I would mute the sound and get some "real work" done while the video ran. 


One of the people who told me about the video was my wife. She is also an employee at our Company. We have been married for 34 years. When I started the video I watched a few seconds and what I saw in Eric was me, except I have never been buried alive. But I was Eric, I lived that life, I had that attitude; get out of the way I'll do it, I'm not afraid. I am too tough for safety equipment. Hell I am too good for safety equipment. Safety equipment, safety procedures are for those less skilled than me. 


Eric you changed my life. I have been lucky so far. And stupid. My wife, my children, my grandchildren, my parents deserve better than that. My co-workers deserve better than that. Thank you for living and sharing your story.


—R.W. Anderson

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